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WATCH: Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, and Sam Levinson Break Down Euphoria Part 2: Jules

  • Sunday night saw the premiere of a special episode of Euphoria, and in this clip, show creator Sam Levinson and star Hunter Schafer break down why it was so special beyond the fact that it saved Schafer from checking into a mental hospital.

    "I liked the idea of going back through the whole history of our show, but from Jules's perspective," Levinson said.

    "Jules was dealing with a lot of other things that Rue didn't know about and that us as an audience didn't know about," Zendaya notes. "There was, I feel like, a lack of empathy and understanding for her side of the story."

    For Schafer, the episode was a very personal journey that she co-wrote and even helped with storyboarding and shotlisting. "I definitely felt a little complicated at first about having Jules really elaborate on where she's at with gender and sexuality. If I've learned anything from being trans for my whole life, it's that that spiral kind of never stops. I think I was at around her age when I started to understand that transitioning wasn't this 'point A to point B' sequence."

    Euphoria Part 2: Jules is now streaming on HBO Max.

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