WATCH: Gillian Anderson on How She Transformed Into Margaret Thatcher For The Crown

  • Gillian Anderson's amazing transformation into Margaret Thatcher for the new season of The Crown was no easy feat.

    "It's about an hour and a half just for hair and make-up," she explained on Live with Kelly and Ryan. "I did wear a body suit to make me a bit wider and so there was some getting in and out of that before putting the clothes on. It took quite a long time, as you would imagine, to research her and do all that kind of stuff. That took a few months, but on the day, I'd say about an hour and forty-five minutes." 

    In order to nail Thatcher's distinctive voice, Anderson said she spent days listening to interviews with the former Prime Minister, which would be a challenge in and of itself. The Iron Lady got her name for a reason.

    Season 4 of The Crown premieres this Sunday November 15 on Netflix.

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