WATCH: FX's Hip Hop Uncovered Teaser Reveals the O.G. Street Hustler Kingmakers of Rap

  • Big U, Trick Trick, Bimmy, Deb, and Haitian Jack are likely not names you've heard before, but the new FX docuseries Hip Hop Uncovered will explain why you need to know who they are.

    "The only way to do anything on a professional level was if a drug dealer was backing you," we hear in this new teaser. "There was no other way. There was no bank."

    These are five of the original hustlers on the streets, the original financial backers for some of the biggest names in the genre. This clip refers to them as "the soul of hip hop, because they are the living embodiment of the streets." 

    Hip Hop Uncovered premieres February 12 on FX.

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