WATCH: First Look at Queen Latifah Being a Badass in The Equalizer Goes Viral

  • Queen Latifah is The Equalizer (CBS)
    Queen Latifah is The Equalizer (CBS)

    It seems Twitter just found out that Queen Latifah is going to be stepping up in the CBS reboot of The Equalizer now that they've posted a pretty badass promo clip, and her name is trending worldwide.

    The Equalizer was originally a 1985 show starring Edward Woodward as a former covert ops agent turned vigilante hero in defense of the innocent, and it was rebooted into an action movie franchise for Denzel Washington in 2014. This new series looks to combine the best of both, while putting "Ladies First."

    The Equalizer premieres February 7 after the Super Bowl on CBS.

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