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WATCH: Every SNL "Californians" Sketch Ever

  • On April 14, 2012, nine years ago today, Saturday Night Live presented the first-ever edition of "The Californians," a soap opera sketch featuring west-coast people whose dialogue always devolves into traffic directions (which were usually pretty accurate). It's a sketch that recurred so often that SNL has had to split this compilation in two.

    The original sketch (above) opens with Stuart (Fred Armisen) finding out that his wife (Kristen Wiig) has been cheating on him with Devin (Bill Hader), and it quickly becomes the kind of sketch where all the performers struggle not to break, because Armisen decided at the last minute to start exaggerating his accent to a ridiculous degree. Surprise changes like that are a great way to crack Hader up, if what John Mulaney used to do during Stefon sketches is any indication. 

    Here is Part 2 of this compilation.

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