WATCH: Emma Corrin's Princess Diana Wedding Dress Created a Chilling Presence On the Set of The Crown

  • There are few images as iconic to the British royal family than that of Lady Diana Spencer's wedding dress, and the first time Emma Corrin appeared on the set of The Crown in that dress, it was almost as if Diana herself had materialized there to the cast and crew on set.

    "I remember when we actually filmed the scene where I use the wedding dress," Corrin recalls in the new Netflix featurette above. "No one had ever seen me in the dress before, and I remember these doors then opened, and I just remember this hush descending over everyone... You know, I'm standing there in her dress, and it was momentous. I think everyone felt like there was a presence in the room, and I think it was the kind of weight of responsibility and acknolwedgement of what we were doing."

    "It was like a chill going through the room, and everyone just went silent," said director Benjamin Curon. "I mean, I guess that image itself is so powerful that to see that yourself in that moment just gave everyone pause."

    The Crown is now streaming on Netflix.

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