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WATCH: Henry Winkler's Dr. Fauci Pillow for the Win

  • Henry Winkler made a sly statement on The Drew Barrymore Show Thursday via a snazzy pillow adorned with Dr. Anthony Fauci's face over his right shoulder. It's a not-so-subtle advocation of science over solipsism, and empathy over enmity.

    For her part, Barrymore made a point to tell him how that empathy and his iconic character of The Fonz from Happy Days changed her life.

    "When I met you when I was young, you actually changed my life forever," she gushed. "because The Fonz, the most important man on the planet, was nice! Then, I was like 'then everybody has to be nice, because The Fonz is nice.' I would clock the way you treated people, and there was something about your kindness that made me know that that was like the marching order of life."

    Winkler seemed very touched, and told a story about his first job in Hollywood. "I had four lines on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which was the Friends of its time. They said 'lunch,' and all of these big stars, they all went to lunch, and I just was in the middle of the sound stage and I had no idea where to go. No one had told me. I felt really alone, and I swore that I would never let anybody on a set I was on feel that way ever again. No matter what show I do, if there is a guest, I take that guest, man or woman, by the hand and show them where they can get anything done during the day."

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