WATCH: Surprise David Letterman Appearance Brings Drew Barrymore to Tears

  • In this clip from a special birthday edition of The Drew Barrymore Show airing Monday, the host is brought to tears by an in-person appearance from one of her favorite people, David Letterman. 

    After faking her out with pretend technical issues on a Zoom call, Letterman appears to get fed up and leave, and given his reputation as a cranky-pants, she seemed to have bought that hook, line, and sinker. However, when the reclusive Letterman actually walks out on stage to wish her a happy birthday, Barrymore seems absolutely stunned to see him and is overwhelmed with emotion, while he gleefully boasts about how the whole Zoom trick was his idea. 

    Barrymore famously gave Letterman one of the great shocks of his life on his birthday back in 1995, when she got up on his desk and flashed him.

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