WATCH: David E. Kelley's Big Sky Trailer Packs a Punch to the Face

  • There's intrigue lurking around every corner in the new trailer for David E. Kelley's upcoming ABC crime thriller Big Sky, not least of which is why Katheryn Winnick sees fit punch to Kylie Bunbury square in the face. 

    Bunbury stars as private eye Cassie Dewell from C.J. Box's book series, working with Detective Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) to investigate the mysterious disappearances of a dozen young women that may be connected to remote highway truck drivers. Also involved is Hoyt's estranged wife, angry ex-cop Jenny Hoyt (Winnick) who apparently has a bone to pick with Cassie, what with the punch and all.

    Then there's Montana Highway Patrol's Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch), who is strangely nonchalant about the abduction spree going on under his nose. Is he there to help or to hinder Cassie's investigation? And if Cassie Dewell is the main character of the novels, why does this trailer focus so much on Phillippe? Curious.

    Big Sky premieres November 17 on ABC.

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