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WATCH: Dave Chappelle Breaks Character to Make Fun of Pete Davidson's Face

  • In a sketch taking on the controversy surrounding problematic black corporate brand characters, featuring Maya Rudolph as Aunt Jemima and Kenan Thompson as Uncle Ben losing their jobs ("it's not what you did, it's about how you make us feel about what we did," Alec Baldwin tells them), Dave Chappelle was playing "the Allstate Guy," whom he also refers to as "the guy from Waiting to Exhale" (who is actually Dennis Haysbert, the guy from Major League who was even the president on 24), and he was clearly having fun with his fake deep voice.

    "The Allstate Guy" then tried to get Count Chocula fired for the same reason, and that's when Pete Davidson showed up in amazingly accurate Chocula regalia, saying "But I'm not even black! I'm made of chocolate!"

    Then, Chappelle took a moment to step out of character just to make fun of him. "Ridiculous! Another likely story. Look at those big chocolatey lips behind them fangs. Big old fat lips. Seriously, America, look at Pete Davidson's lips."

    Davidson started laughing so hard he spit out his fangs.

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