WATCH: Dan Levy Hosts SNL, Finds His Dad in a Box

  • Dan Levy hosted Saturday Night Live and joked a bit about how his life has changed in the past year after the heaps of recognition and Emmy awards that he racked up for Schitt's Creek

    "The past 12 months have quite literally changed my life in so many ways, both good and not so good," Levy said during the monologue. "Some good, people finally started watching our show Schitt's Creek and we were fortunate enough to win nine Emmys this year. Unbelievable, beyond a dream come true. The not so good, those Emmys were quite literally thrown at us by a stranger in a hazmat suit. The good, I have been getting stopped on the street by all different kinds of people, which is new and fun and different. The not so good, those people are mainly screaming 'ew!' at me, which was a line I wrote for the show that will now haunt me for the rest of my life."

    He then took the audience on a tour of the safety precautions being taken by the SNL crew, featuring Aidy Bryant as a social-distance enforcer named Doreen, as well as a surprise appearance by his father and Schitt's Creek co-star Eugene Levy, being kept in a glass box for safety reasons. 

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