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WATCH: Corrupt Officer Doug Stanton Finally Gets Busted in The Rookie Clip

  • This season on The Rookie, Training Officer Doug Stanton (Brandon Routh) has been the worst cop on the squad — corrupt, racist, and violent — but he finally got caught dead to rights in this clip from Sunday night's episode.

    Stanton has long had beef with his trainee, Officer Jackson West (Titus Makin), who has been trying to figure out a way to expose this "bad apple" in a way that makes a difference, and it turned out he had to take a savage beating from suspected perps in order to do it. It seems that when police turn off their bodycams, they're still recording for a few minutes anyway, and the badly bloodied West is able to turn Stanton's on to reveal that his TO could have intervened in the fight but intentionally stood back and let West be beaten half to death. 

    That was enough for Sgt. Grey (Richard T. Jones) to finally take his gun and his badge.

    The Rookie airs Sunday nights at 10:00 PM ET on ABC.

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