WATCH: Stephen Colbert Defends Wendy Williams' "Burp Fart Sampler Platter"

  • After Wendy Williams apologized for accidentally burping and passing gas on her show, Stephen Colbert rushed to her defense in this clip from The Late Show.

    "Don't you dare apologize, Wendy!" Colbert said. "That was an amazing, rootin'-tootin' burp-fart-mouth-butt sampler platter! Wendy was slinging such hot goss, her GI tract just had to chime in and dish! Also, why not let 'em rip? No one cares. Everyone's already wearing a mask out there. Also, also, I gotta shout out Wendy's sound team. That is a precision mic setup. How did they tech that? 'Uh, Miss Williams, we just need to do a quick mic check. Would you mind farting to ten?'"

    Then, he took his glasses off in dramatic fashion. "Here is where Steve-O comes to the defense. As a fellow talk show host, I know that going live takes a lot of guts, out of which sound sometimes comes. My show is, on most nights, pre-taped, which means I have the luxury of editing stuff out, and I can't believe I'm about to do this. I can't believe the courage I'm about to show, but Jimmy, let's demonstrate to them the moments we edited from last night's monologue."

    Cue a string of belch and pootie noises.

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