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WATCH: Chrissy Metz Teases Kate's New This is Us Secret

  • Chrissy Metz teased a mysterious new storyline for her This is Us character while appearing Tuesday on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

    "There's a story that's coming down the pike pretty soon, and it's something that nobody knows that Kate has contended with," Metz said. "When Dan Fogelman, our creator, called and was like 'how do you feel about approaching this subject?' I was like 'I think it's necessary and I think it's really important.' There are a lot of people who have experienced it and sort of feel lost in that whole process. This is something that Toby doesn't even know, a lot of people don't know about Kate. So, you know, it's challenging, but I think it's very important. So we're going to get to see that pretty soon, early on in the season." 

    This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET on NBC.

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