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WATCH: Britney Spears Gets Apologies from Cruz, Cuomo, and Carano in SNL Cold Open

  • In this week's cGold open for Saturday Night Live, Chloe Fineman played Britney Spears as the host of a new "apology" show entitled "Oops, You Did It Again," where people come on to give mea culpas for their scandals, saying that ever since Framing Britney Spears came out, "I'm receiving hundreds of apologies a day."

    First up was Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) in Cancun vacation mode apologizing for abandoning his crisis-stricken state of Texas in its time of need. Then Governor Cuomo (Pete Davidson) came on to mea culpa for the nursing home death count snafu.

    Finally Gina Carano (Cecily Strong) appeared to address her social media posts getting her fired from The Mandalorian, but insisted she had done nothing wrong, implying DIsney has no moral high ground by saying "Have you heard Br'er Rabbit's accent on the Splash Mountain ride recently?"

    No matter how much commiseration was to be had on that panel, nobody wanted to be associated with the "pile of soup" that is Ted Cruz. Strong had a tough time getting through her string of Cruz insults without breaking, though, because clearly it's very hard to say mean things to Aidy Bryant.

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