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WATCH: Big Shot Was a Challenge for "Band Geek" John Stamos

  • John Stamos plays a famous basketball coach in the new Disney+ series Big Shot, but on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he admitted that when he got the call from David E. Kelley about the show, he was crestfallen when he found out the subject matter.

    "I was like 'oh, great, am I gonna play a lawyer or one of these great characters on Big Little Lies or something?' and he said 'no, it's about basketball,'and I went 'oh, no,'" Stamos told Kimmel. "God gave me a lot of things, but athleticism was not one of them. I was a band geek like you. I didn't play clarinet, but I was a band geek."

    Kimmel laughed at the joke about his own history with the clarinet, and after swapping high school band photos, Stamos drove home how much he had to learn when he met with the legendary Jerry West of the LA Lakers.

    "A friend of mine... she said 'you should talk to Jerry West' and I said 'who's Jerry West?'" he explained. "He was kind enough to invite me down to hang out, and I got there and said 'Mr. West, thank you so much for inviting me to this rehearsal today,' and he went 'stop right there. Son, it's not called a rehearsal. It's called a practice. Those aren't costumes, they're uniforms.' I mean, that's where I had to start."

    Big Shot premieres on Disney+ this Friday, April 16.

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