WATCH: Baby Yoda Pitches Cannabis Products, Beefs With Baby Groot on SNL

  • Baby Yoda is still the meme king of the universe, and it's all gone to his head. 

    On SNL Saturday night, Baby Yoda (Kyle Mooney) dropped by "Weekend Update" to name-drop his celebrity quarantine friends ("Jake Paul, Mia Khalifa, and Wreck-It Ralph, nice dude, real nice dude"), pitch his new line of cannabis products ("Dago-Bud" and "Wookie Cookies"), and address his beef with Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

    "Baby Groot. We ain't friends," he said, calling out his adorable space-baby meme competition. "I know you're still talking smack about me, and I just want to say your TikToks are cringe, bro!" 

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