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WATCH: Anderson Cooper Adorably Tries Dippin' Dots for the First Time on Live

  • Sometimes all you want out of television is to watch a famous guy you like try a familiar food for the first time. Live with Kelly and Ryan brought us that moment this morning, as Anderson Cooper sampled Dippin' Dots, the ice cream of the future. How Cooper made it to "silver fox" age without ever having heard of the confection found at most amusement parks and sporting events, we do not know.

    "Do you eat one Dippin' Dot at a time?" he asks in the above clip with his usual journalistic rigor. The answer is no. 

    When Cooper finally takes a spoonful, his reaction is not unlike an adorably surprised chicken. "There's a whole evolution going on in my mouth! They're sweet, but they're cold and they're melting! Disappearing! I like them!"

    "I feel like I'm chasing the flavor," he added. "Each one is a different surprise, and just when I understand what it is, it's gone." 

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