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WATCH: Amy Poehler Can't Stop Talking to Seth Meyers About ER

  • Amy Poehler is all of us in lockdown right now, binge-watching shows we've already watched several times. In Poehler's case, it's ER, the show that made George Clooney a star. In fact, she's watched it so much, she can actually pinpoint the moment when that happened.

    "I did have a moment recently in — I don't know what month it was — where I realized I was maybe too lonely and had been quarantined too hard," Poehler told Seth Meyers on Late NIght. "It was the middle of the day and I was in my pajamas and I was rewatching Season 3 Episode 10, where Clooney saves a kid that's stuck in a water pipe and he lifts him up out of the water, and I stood up and pointed at the TV and I said 'and THAT'S when he became a star!' No one was home."

    She gushed about how "Dr. Carter's journey is so good," even though Clooney was the big name. "You go for Clooney, you stay for Noah Wyle." 

    She also talked about how she's gotten deep into the "Wiki Fandom of all the characters," and that she's trying to use the power of her celebrity "fancy friends" to get her questions about the show answered. "I have a friend who kind of knows Julianna Margulies, and I texted him and I was like... 'is there any way, maybe in the summer or in the fall, when things get less stressful and scary, that I could meet Julianna Margulies at a restaurant and ask her a list of questions I have about Nurse Carol Hathaway, her character that she played on ER 20 years ago?' And the friend was like 'you know... I... um... I'll ask her.' So I just want her to know that I have a hard 50 questions ready for her." 

    ER is now streaming on Hulu. 

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