WATCH: Aidy Bryant Relives the 'Nightmarish Panic' of Doing the Electric Slide in Shrill

  • Shrill Season 3 serves as a swan song for Aidy Bryant's character, Annie Easton, but the final season prompted some intense self-reflection from its lead, as well. During a Monday night appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bryant recalled the "intimate, raw, nightmarish panic" of dancing to the Electric Slide on camera, an experience that she won't soon forget.

    "You think you know the Electric Slide, don't ya?" said Bryant, as she began to recount the harrowing experience for Fallon. The Saturday Night Live star was supposed to rehearse the Electric Slide scene with her co-stars, but a wardrobe complication delayed things, and Bryant was ultimately forced to dance alone in front of a professional choreographer. "It was the most intimate, raw, nightmarish panic I've ever felt in my entire life," she revealed. "Suddenly I found myself being like, 'What is a grapevine? What is a little shimmy?' I'm [feeling] raw terror, looking into this man's eyes."

    To say that things went downhill from there is an understatement. "For 20 minutes, I quietly did the Electric Slide for a professional choreographer, probably 10 times in a row," she told Fallon. "Solo Electric Slide? It will chill you to your damn bones."

    Shrill Season 3 hits Hulu this Friday, May 7.

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