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WATCH: Aerosmith and Tom Hanks Were "Wayne's World" Guests 31 Years Ago on SNL

  • On February 17th 1990, Saturday Night Live aired what is arguably the peak "Wayne's World" sketch, featuring host Tom Hanks as Barry, cousin of Garth (Dana Carvey) and roadie for Aerosmith, as their first guest. This, of course, was the deal our most excellent host Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) had to cut in order to get Aerosmith themselves on the show, at the height of their renaissance as a chart-topping band. 

    Highlights include Hanks's classic "Check, Check 1, Sibilance, Sibilance," the band at Wayne's "breakfast nook" with Wayne's mom (Nora Dunn), the Q&A session where Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton have a surprisingly intelligent debate about the fall of the Soviet Union, and of course, Aerosmith's take on the "Wayne's World" theme song.

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