Holey Moley Hosts a Special Bachelor-Themed Singles Episode

ALSO: Amy Schumer gets candid in Expecting Amy, Cannonball makes its cable debut, and more.
  • Joe Tessitore, Chris Harrison and Rob Riggle in tonight's Holey Moley.  (Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard)
    Joe Tessitore, Chris Harrison and Rob Riggle in tonight's Holey Moley. (Photo: ABC/Christopher Willard)

    With this summer's Bachelorette still sidelined by the coronavirus, tonight's episode of Holey Moley may be the closest we'll get to a brand new Bachelor episode for a while. Chris Harrison guests as eight singles compete for a romantic date in the final round. Also tonight: a new docuseries captures Amy Schumer at a unique intersection of her public and private lives, high-flying reality series Cannonball lands on USA, and HBOMax debuts a long-delayed new animated series. Here’s what’s new and noteworthy on TV this Thursday:

    NEW EPISODE: Chris Harrison brings some of that Bachelor magic for a special "love-themed" episode of Holey Moley that features what ABC is calling the most dramatic final putt in show history. 8:00 PM on ABC

    DOCUSERIES PREMIERE: As Amy Schumer describes it, Expecting Amy is like Jerry Seinfeld's movie Comedian, if he'd been pregnant. The three-part docuseries sees Schumer battling an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy and a new marriage while on tour. Watch the trailer. Streaming on HBO Max

    SERIES PREMIERE: While Primetimer's Tara Ariano thinks it's more of a belly flop, the new reality series Cannonball scored high ratings in a sneak peek airing on NBC last week. The show lands in its regular home and timeslot tonight. Watch the trailer. 8:00 PM ET on USA

    SERIES PREMIERE: The long awaited new animated series from Regular Show creator JG Quintel, Close Enough focuses on a married couple, their five-year-old daughter, and their two divorced best friends/roommates all living together in a Los Angeles duplex. Watch the trailer. Streaming on HBO Max

    SEASON PREMIERE: TV’s most over-the-top reality family is back as Chrisley Knows Best returns for its eighth season, with Savannah and Nic’s engagement apparently off, and nanny Faye prepping to camp out overnight ahead of Black Friday. Watch the trailer. 9:00 PM ET on USA

    SEASON PREMIERE: Short form comedy showcase Cake returns for its third season with back-to-back episodes beginning at 10:00 PM ET on FXX

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