Bravo Spinoff Below Deck Sailing Yacht Promises More Drama on the High Seas

ALSO: McMillion$, The Bachelor, America's Got Talent, 9-1-1: Lone Star, The New Pope, and more.
  • Meet the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht in tonight's series premiere. (Bravo)
    Meet the crew of Below Deck Sailing Yacht in tonight's series premiere. (Bravo)

    There's a new captain in town as Bravo launches its third series in the Below Deck franchise, this time set on a sailing yacht. Meanwhile, quirky plot twists abound across the dial, including a scam involving Rich Uncle Pennybags and Ronald McDonald, a startling head wound on The Bachelor, a deaf fugitive, Marilyn Manson and the pope, and a formidable funnel cloud. Here's what's new and noteworthy on TV this Monday:   

    SERIES PREMIERE: Climb aboard the 180-foot luxury yacht Parsifal III as Below Deck Sailing Yacht embarks on its drama-filled maiden voyage. Watch the preview9:00 PM ET on Bravo

    DOCUSERIES PREMIERE: From producer Mark Wahlberg (who's behind far more TV projects than you may realize) comes McMillion$. The new six-part HBO docuseries introduces viewers to a wild cast of characters as it tells the story of the 2001 FBI investigation into a group of people who managed to rig McDonalds' long-running Monopoly contest. Watch the trailer. 10:00 PM ET on HBO

    NEW EPISODE: Peter's remaining suitors jet to Costa Rica in tonight's three-hour episode of The Bachelor, where he gives them a peek at his startling head wound, and one of the women spends the day in tears. Watch the preview. 8:00 PM ET on ABC

    NEW EPISODE: It's semifinals time on America's Got Talent: The Champions, with 12 acts competing for six spots in next week's finals. 8:00 PM ET on NBC

    NEW EPISODE: Firehouse 126 races against the weather and time as 9-1-1: Lone Star responds to the first of what will likely be a long line of terrifying tornados. Watch the preview8:00 PM ET on Fox

    DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: Independent Lens presents Judith Helfand's documentary Cooked: Survival by Zipcode, which tells the harrowing story of the 1995 Chicago heatwave that took the lives of 739 of the city's most vulnerable residents. Read our review.. 10:00 PM ET on PBS

    NEW EPISODE:  Certain corners of the internet are abuzz over Marilyn Manson's unlikely guest spot on tonight's episode of The New Pope, in which the shock rocker pays a visit with John Malkovich's Pope John Paul III. Shortly thereafter, the nuns go on strike. 9:00 PM ET on HBO

    SEASON PREMIERE: Desus Nice and The Kid Mero return for the second season of their late night comedy show Desus & Mero with a special guest who knows a little something about late night television: David Letterman. Watch the preview11:00 PM ET on Showtime

    SERIES PREMIERE: Alyson Hannigan hosts the premiere of Girl Scout Cookie Championship, in which five professional chefs are challenged  to turn signature Girl Scout cookies into out of this world creations. 8:00 PM ET on Food Network

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