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Viewers Are Falling Inn Love with Netflix's Original Rom-Coms

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  • Christina Milian and Adam Demos in Falling Inn Love (Netflix)
    Christina Milian and Adam Demos in Falling Inn Love (Netflix)

    There was a time when romantic comedies like My Best Friend's Wedding, Sleepless in Seattle, and While You Were Sleeping could bring in bring in big numbers at the box office. But while the rom-com has died a slow death in the multiplex since its peak in the 90s, it's proven to be a popular niche for Netflix, with original films like Set It Up, Always Be My Maybe and To All The Boys I've Loved Before winning over audiences and critics alike. 

    MOVIE PREMIERE: Netflix's latest rom-com offering is Falling Inn Love. After winning an inn in a contest, newly single and freshly unemployed city girl Gabriela (Christina Milian) jets off to New Zealand, ready to embark on her new career as an inn keeper, only to discover that her prize is a actually a crumbling money pit. Enter Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), a local handyman who helps Gabriela renovate the property while also helping her develop some new professional and personal passions. Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix.

    NEW EPISODE: In Tutorial, the latest installment of the CW's anthology series Two Sentence Horror Stories, a video beauty blogger (Aleyse Shannon) gives a makeup demonstration as, unbeknownst to her, the camera catches sight of an intruder slipping into the room. 9:00 PM ET on The CW

    SEASON FINALE: The Season 4 finale of Queen of the South finds Teresa (Alice Braga) and her crew venturing into dark territory as she partners with a New Orleans gang leader and works with a newcomer with connections to the Russian mob.10:00 PM ET on USA Network

    SEASON PREMIERE: The third season of Workin' Moms finds Kate opening her own public relations company, even as she struggles to balance parenting and problems in her marriage. Meanwhile, the other mothers in her group struggle to find satisfaction in their own professional and home lives. Streaming on Netflix


    • Forged in Fire: Knife or Death comes out swinging in its seventh season two-episode premiere, as modern day bladesmiths carry on the ancient tradition of swords craftsmanship and skill. 10:00 PM ET on History Channel
    • Growing Up Hip Hop: New York follows the next generation of hip hop moguls, including the children of Ja Rule, Flavor Flav, Kid Capri and others. 9:00 PM ET on WE

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