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Jerry Seinfeld Brews Up New Episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

ALSO: Queer Eye, Los Espookys, Last Chance U, Killjoys, Love Island, and more
  • Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix)
    Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix)

    It's more challenging than ever these days to reconcile our love for the great TV and movie stars of old with the standards and sensibilities of their times. Upon re-examination, much of what we revered in the past (even up through the 1990s) just doesn't fit with how entertainment looks and sounds today. Most of this is good  we should be challenging ourselves to move beyond old, lazy, often offensive modes of comedy. But it does make it strange to look back at old TV shows and have to wince now and then at moments that feel very dated. Although not immune to criticism, old episodes Seinfeld actually hold up quite well in this regard. (Friends often fares worse when it comes to, say, gay panic jokes.) Curiously, it's modern Seinfeld who has proven to be more of a lightening rod, whether he's defending Jay Leno, refusing to hug Kesha or bemoaning political correctness in comedy. This curmudgeonly attitude is on full display in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, where amidst his interesting and often very funny conversations with fellow comedians, the veteran comic makes it clear he has no patience for new fangled things like avocado toast.

    NEW SEASON: The new season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features an all-star lineup, with no guest more potentially fascinating than the famously mercurial Eddie Murphy. There's also Seth Rogen, Martin Short, Bridget Everett, Jamie Foxx, Ricky Gervais, and Matthew Broderick, among others. Streaming on Netflix

    NEW SEASON: The Revived Fab Five are back  to help style and spruce up another batch of hopeless heterosexuals in the Netflix's Queer Eye reboot. The fourth season of the exhilarating and culturally vital series includes a trip home as Jonathan revisits his old high school to help give a makeover to his old music teacher. The tears, children! The tears! Streaming on Netflix

    SEASON FINALE: HBO's Los Espookys wraps up its first season with this delightfully bizarre band of creepy event-planners. In "El Sueño Falso" (The False Dream), Andrés and Ursula plan a fake dream to help a doctor's insomnia patient fall asleep. 11:00 PM ET on HBO

    NEW SEASON: The fourth season of Netflix's acclaimed documentary series Last Chance U drops today, following the junior college football program at Independence Community College. For the uninitiated, our Aaron Barnhart wrote this primerStreaming on Netflix


    • Killjoys kicks off its final season with Dutch realizing that The Lady has put Westerley under a collective delusion, and sorting that out will be no easy task. 10:00 PM ET on SYFY
    • Love Island wraps up a second week that saw the elimination of original Islanders Alana and Mallory, and the introduction of Big Brother alum Winston Hines. 8:00 PM ET on CBS
    • All or Nothing is Amazon's answer to HBO's Hard Knocks, only instead of looking at one NFL team through the course of training camp, it chronicles a whole season. This season's squad: the 2018 Carolina Panthers. Streaming on Amazon

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