ABC's Holey Moley is Escapist Television at its Finest

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  • Commentators Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle provide the merciless play-by-play as mini golf players risk life and limb in pursuit of a hole in one on Holey Moley (ABC)
    Commentators Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle provide the merciless play-by-play as mini golf players risk life and limb in pursuit of a hole in one on Holey Moley (ABC)

    Historically, summer TV was a haven for repeats and lighter (mostly reality-based) fare, but like most everything else, the Peak Era has turned that on its head. Summer TV now means shows like Stranger Things, Sharp Objects, Chernobyl, and Fear the Walking Dead, along with countless other cable and streaming options full of high stakes drama and character-rich storylines. And while this embarassment of riches is a good thing, there are times we simply need to take a break and watch people get smashed by giant windmills.  Perhaps that's what's made ABC's oddball Holey Moley so appealing to so many viewers. It's escapist TV at its finest, about nothing more serious than miniature golf players in ridiculous outfits getting knocked around by over-the-top obstacles, as commentators Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore crack wise at their expense.

    NEW EPISODE: This week on Holey Moley, a stay-at-home mom faces a former professional golfer. Meanwhile, the show welcomes its oldest competitor, and the world record holder for most mini-golf holes played in 24 hours tries his hand at "Surf and Turf." 8:00 PM ET on ABC

    SPECIAL PRESENTATION: In Forecast: Shark Attack marine biologist Greg Skomal works with meteorologist Joe Merchant to test Merchant’s theory that shark attacks can be predicted. Hopefully with more accuracy than the weather. 10:00 PM ET on National Geographic

    STREAMING MOVIE PREMIERE: Netflix's Secret Obsession is a suspense thriller about a young woman (Brenda Song) who wakes up from an attack with no memory of what happened. When her husband (Mike Vogel) takes her to their remote country home to recuperate, she begins to suspect he is not all that he seems. Streaming on Netflix

    NEW EPISODE: Get ready for part two of The Real Housewives of NYC reunion. Last week episode covered Bethenny's deceased ex-boyfriend, and spent many angry minutes trying to patch up LuAnn and Dorinda's friendship, so imagine our dismay when it seems Dorinda is already back to upbraiding LuAnn for her refusal to sleep in a scary fish room in the Berkshires. 9:00 PM ET on Bravo


    • Big Brother arrives at its next eviction night, and either Cliff or Nicolle will join this season's "Camp Comeback." 9:00 PM ET on CBS
    • Hollywood Game Night welcomes a new group of celebrities into Jane Lynch's vast game parlor, including Taye Diggs, Nicole Byer, Carson Kressley, and Veep's Timothy Simons. 9:00 PM ET on NBC
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