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Game of Thrones Faces Its Morning After

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  • Kit Harington in one of last week's lighter moments on Game of Thrones (HBO)
    Kit Harington in one of last week's lighter moments on Game of Thrones (HBO)

    Last week's Game of Thrones had all the anticipation of a series finale, so it's no surprise that it was received with appreciation, backlash, takes, and arguments. But after all that — after House Mormont lost their bravest warriors and Theon Greyjoy finally atoned and Melisandre gave the greatest pep talk in the history of the seven kingdoms and Arya make the Night King regret wearing that midriff-bearing top and took down the entire army of the dead in one stab — we get three more episodes with which to wrap up this saga.

    So what lies ahead? Clearly a clash with Cersei, her Iron-born suitor, and the Golden Company of mercenaries he bought her. We've still got the Hound vs. the Mountain to go. And, increasingly, it seems like Ice and Fire will clash again if Daenerys and Jon Snow clash over who's got the right to sit on the Iron Throne.

    NEW EPISODE: The events of last week's Game of Thrones and the Battle of Winterfell left some of us owing Arya Stark a debt of gratitude. Like her dumb brother and his girlfriend who spent as much time floating above the clouds (literally) as they did mowing down ice zombies atop their dragons. We'll see if they can make some better decisions this week. 9:00 PM ET on HBO

    SEASON PREMIERE: Season 4 of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Potomac begins tonight, and there's no better time for you to get onboard with the most underrated Housewives variant. If for no other reason than to recognize Gizelle Bryant's perfection of the art of Housewife-ing. 9:00 PM ET on Bravo

    SERIES PREMIERE: Based on the books by The Other Boleyn Girl author Philippa Gregory, The Spanish Princess is already winning praise for its portrayal of the Tudor royal dynasty from the point of view of the women —in particular, Catherine of Aragon, the titular Spanish princess and future first wife of Henry VIII. 8:00 PM ET on Starz

    NEW EPISODE: This week's Good Girls sees the season creeping closer to its finale with Ruby, Beth, and Annie caught up in the twin clutches of a life of crime and a life under the thumb of American late capitalism. 8:00 PM ET on Starz

    NEW EPISODE: After last week's truly surreal episode of Barry — which included a seemingly airborne feral girl, her unkillable father, and a dreamlike flashback to Barry's return from the war — our Mark Blankenship asks whether the show we're experiencing as Barry is actually one man's nightmare. 10:20 PM ET on Starz


    • Veep airs its next-to-last episode EVER tonight, and thankfully we're visiting Scandinavia before we go, which means the return of Sally Phillips as Selina's forever frenemy Minna. Also: Jonah and Amy push an anti-vaxxer message, which fits their slide into Trumpian deplorability. 10:50 PM ET on HBO
    • Killing Eve sees Eve and MI:6 make a deal with the devil this week. 8:00 PM ET on BBC America
    • Fresh off Friday's Season 3 renewalVery Cavallari airs an episode titled "Beaches Gone Wild," which we can all idly hope is some kind of Laguna Beach reunion, even if it won't be. 10:00 PM ET on E!

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