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Recommended: Everything's Trash on Freeform

Phoebe Robinson is funny and winning as an unapologetically messy Black millennial living in woke Brooklyn.
  • Phoebe Robinson in Everything's Trash (Photo: Freeform/Giovanni Rufino)
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    Everything's Trash Season 1 | Freeform
    Half-Hour Comedy (11 Episodes) | TV-14

    What's Everything's Trash About?

    Phoebe Hill is a broke, thirtysomething podcaster navigating life as a single woman in Brooklyn. When her brother Jayden launches a political campaign, she struggles to be more responsible for his sake.

    Who's involved?

    • Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens, Ibiza) plays Phoebe.
    • Jordan Carlos (First Wives Club) plays Jayden.
    • Nneka Okafor (Harlem) plays Jessie, Phoebe's sister-in-law and a college professor. Despite her best intentions, she's sometimes judgmental of Phoebe's lifestyle.
    • Toccarra Cash (Station 19) plays Malika, Phoebe's best friend and podcast producer.
    • Moses Storm (Players, Sunnyside) plays Michael, Phoebe's other best friend and roommate.
    • Brandon Jay McLaren (Snowfall, The Rookie) plays Hamilton, Phoebe's occasional hookup who wants something more, but also happens to be the campaign manager for Jayden's opponent.
    • Phoebe Robinson and Jonathan Groff (the producer of Black-ish and Happy Endings, not the actor) write and executive produce the series.

    Why (and to whom) do we recommend it?

    No topic is off-limits in Everything's Trash, which is one reason it's so appealing. Phoebe's life is messy, and the show finds humor in potentially disastrous situations like her rush to buy Plan B after a hook-up gone awry.

    The series takes the same no holds barred approach as it discusses race and other social issues,, like in the episode where Phoebe and Malika come face-to-face with gentrification. As they canvass for Jayden's campaign, they encounter rich white people who have pushed the Black community out of the neighborhood. The episode gently mocks these "woke" gentrifiers, who eagerly invite the two women they've never met into their homes to use the bathroom, seemingly just because they're Black.

    Although at times Robinson's brand of outlandish humor makes her character come across as self-involved and thoughtless — in one particularly cringey scene, she takes a full bath in a couple's bathroom while her friends make small talk downstairs — the silliness is mostly winning and Phoebe herself is easy to root for.

    Everything's Trash also does a good job showing the complex and varied lives of Black millennials in Brooklyn. Phoebe's life may be chaotic, but she couldn't be more different from her brother and his wife, who are highly successful nerds. Their scenes together, as they work to connect and understand one another's lives and experiences, make for endearing situational comedy.

    Pairs well with

    • Ramy (Hulu), Comic Ramy Youssef stars as another messy millennial trying, and largely failing, to be better.
    • Insecure, Issa Rae's HBO's comedy-drama series following the friendships and relationships of modern-day Black women. Streams on HBO Max.
    • Broad City, starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson as two best friends in their twenties trying to navigate life in New York. Streams on Hulu.

  • Everything's Trash (Season 1)
    Premieres with two episodes July 13 at 10:00 PM ET on Freeform. Episodes stream the next day on Hulu.
    Created by: Phoebe Robinson. Based on Robinson’s book “Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay.”
    Starring: Phoebe Robinson, Jordan Carlos, Nneka Okafor, Toccarra Cash, Moses Storm, and Brandon Jay McLaren.
    Directed by: Chioke Nassor.
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