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Will Forte Performs a Dramatic Reading From His Upcoming MacGruber Series

  • Will Forte revealed on Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday that his new MacGruber Peacock series is due to start filming in June.

    Born as a series of SNL sketches spoofing the 1980s series MacGyver, MacGruber was already made into a feature film —one that included a memorable scene where MacGruber dances around naked with a celery stalk hanging out of his butt. In the above clip, Forte tells Seth Meyers that he wanted to raise the bar with the new series and shared some dialogue from one of the scripts to prove it.

    "We wanted to be a little classier with this next iteration of MacGruber," Forte said. "All you need to know for this is Kristen Wiig's character Vicki, we used to be married, and since then, we are not married anymore and she is now with this guy named Colonel Fesus [spelling estimated], who's my commanding officer, and we've been at each other's throats the whole series, and this is how I make up to him. This is my speech which I make good with him, I apologize."

    "Look, I owe you a huge apology," Forte read, in character as MacGruber. "I am so sorry. No, no, no, no, I need to say this. I've called you so many nasty things behind your back. I called you a dirty diaper with arms, legs, and half a brain. I called you a f***er, a f***head, a f***face. I said you were a motherf***er, d**knose, d**kface, d**khead, d**k dinger, sh*t mouth, f***ing tool, f***ing a**hole, f***ing buttwipe, [bleep bleep] little b*tch, piece of sh*t, piece of f***. Put 'em together and called you a piece of [bleep bleep bleep]. I called you all that stuff. But I was wrong. 'Cause you're not a piece of f***ing sh*t. You're a piece of f***ing friend." 

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