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Trevor Noah Channels Margot Robbie in GameStop Stock Explainer

  • For those unfamiliar with the hows and whys of the stock market, it may be tough to understand what's going on right now on Wall Street, where a group of Redditors have decided to attack some hedge fund short-sellers by buying up GameStop shares and driving up the stock price.

    In this clip from Wednesday night's Daily Show, Trevor Noah attempts to get around all the complicated jargon in a novel way. "What we really need here is that scene from The Big Short, where Margot Robbie breaks it down for us in the bathtub, you know? And I actually called her to do that, but she blocked my number, so I had to figure out plan B."

    Cut to Noah taking the role of Robbie to the stock market in a bathtub. It's actually very helpful.

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