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The Fashion of Ted Lasso

What the hit show's costume design tells us about its characters.
  • Brendan Hunt, Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple in Ted Lasso. (Photo: Apple TV+)
    Brendan Hunt, Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple in Ted Lasso. (Photo: Apple TV+)

    David Beckham, Dwayne Wade, and Roger Federer are sports stars who regularly appear on Best Dressed lists. In the ‘90s, Beckham proved that playing soccer for a living doesn’t have to mean a closet packed with tracksuits — although he even made those look runway-ready. The Apple TV+ sensation Ted Lasso has some Beckham wannabes-in-waiting (see Jamie Tartt) and costume designer Jacky Levy has tapped into how players assert individuality regardless of whether they're wearing the same kit or are out on the town celebrating.

    Although Coach Lasso himself (Jason Sudeikis) avoids bold colors and prints, his boss Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) and Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) prove there 's more than one way to exude power and confidence. Here are the Ted Lasso costume signatures to look out for, both on and off the pitch:

    Ted Lasso

    The majority of Ted’s closet seems to bear the AFC Richmond greyhound crest, whether the fitted navy puffer or the retro style training top that mirrors the home kit. Nothing about Ted screams fashion; instead, he sticks to a rotation of sensible khaki pants, blue button-downs, and simple sweaters. An everyman, Ted’s costumes ensure he doesn’t stand out in the crowd and is part of his no-nonsense folksy aesthetic. His bushy mustache is easily his least conventional style trait, but his penchant for Air Jordans shows he does have a favored brand. His headwear also speaks volumes, from the visor that screams American Football coach to the Santa hat he dons in Season 2's Christmas episode.

    Rebecca Welton

    Unlike Ted, Rebecca is unlikely to wear the same thing twice. In her role as the owner of AFC Richmond, she is often the only woman in a room of men wearing suits (or football kits), but she doesn’t let that dictate or tone down her feminity. Elegant in every setting, Rebecca’s corporate dresses and tailored blazers project fuss-free glam in mostly pastel and neutral shades. It is notable in Season 2 that some bolder tones sneak in and the heritage prints she favored in Season 1 are expanded to include green dogtooth. The flat cap is a city twist on countryside chic, and Rebecca is clearly getting more adventurous as the series progresses.

    On the outside she exudes confidence, but the charity benefit early in the first season revealed her post-divorce vulnerability. “I don’t think I can get away with that anymore,” she says about one of her gown options, and Ted has a pep talk ready and waiting. “Sure you could. Fashion’s all about confidence. If I didn’t have any confidence, I never would’ve worn pajamas to my prom and ended up in jail the rest of that night.” Keeley is another cheerleader who gives her new friend an impromptu red carpet posing tutorial. Later in the season when the team travels to Liverpool for an away match against Everton, Rebecca’s daring strappy silver sequins point to Keeley’s influence.

    Keeley Jones

    Whether dressed as a sexy lion in a vodka ad, dazzling in an evening gown, or sporting a fluffy jacket, Keeley is always captivating. Cascading blonde extensions and enthusiasm for days, she is turning her modeling experience into a PR venture that sees a subtle shift in costumes beginning midway through the first season. This isn’t to say she's ditched the bold fur collars or toned down the low-cut attire, but now she's pairing strappy camis with a swish grey blazer for that executive aesthetic. Mixing high with low adds to Keeley’s approachability, which includes AMI Paris hoodies, Topshop feather jackets, and Gucci belts. An antique rose color backless Michelle Mason gown delivers a showstopping red carpet moment (and a new bond with Rebecca). Meanwhile, a pair of De La Vali frocks (one for night, one for day) mark two important romantic moments with Roy (Brett Goldstein) — a first kiss, followed by a first date in the following episode.

    There is some strong ‘90s nostalgia running through Keeley’s closet, which reads like a combination of current trends and a nod to the birth of the modern WAG (aka “wives and girlfriends” of soccer players). But Keeley is more than just a pretty cheerleader on the sidelines. She's the biggest champion for those she cares about and if “Independent Woman Magazine” was a publication, her fashion advice would remind readers to love themselves. Rather than becoming the next Posh and Becks, Keeley never dressed like Jamie (Phil Dunster). The closest she came to matching her boyfriend is wearing Roy’s jersey in the Season 1 finale and refusing to be pushed away. In a recent interview, Temple talked about how some of her own jewelry has ended up on screen and spoke warmly about how “fashion fabulous” Keeley is.

    Jamie Tartt

    “It’s just not me. There’s no hoods, no zips, no graffiti,” is Jamie’s assessment of the suit Keeley has selected for him to wear in “For the Children.” He wants to be the person everyone looks at when he walks in a room, and his compromise is to not wear a shirt (this is perilous when hot soup is on the menu). His pocket square is a nice touch, though. An Armani zebra-print bomber, his signature Dsquared2 “ICON” cap, Gucci pants, a fanny pack slung across his chest, and a Neil Barrett varsity jacket all point to Jamie's expensive sartorial leanings. There is a try-hard element to Jamie, and his clothing is part of this package, which sees him sporting a Peaky Blinders haircut that's a favorite of England football darlings like Jack Grealish — he even wears his socks nearly as low as Grealish does.

    Roy Kent

    On the other end of the spectrum is Roy Kent, who only wears color when it's the Richmond jersey. The rest of his wardrobe rarely steps outside the all-black outfit bracket — grey and navy sneak in — and this fuss-free approach adds to his "hard man of soccer" mystique. While there are no flourishes, he still looks good whether in a tailored black suit with a black shirt and tie, or a casual leather jacket, jeans, and tee combination. Whereas Jamie is jostling for influencer attention when stepping out with Keeley, Roy is happy to let her bold outfits sing.

    The Squad

    Vanity Fair celebrated the NBA’s “Fashion All-Stars” earlier this year, and while the men of Richmond don’t have quite this level of elevated style on their way to the locker room, they do love a bold print. Paisley is a favorite of new captain Isaac (Kola Bokinni) and Sam (Toheeb Jimoh), and this is a squad that appreciates everything from animal print to plaid. Even Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) has a party shirt, and Nate (Nick Mohammed) looks sharp in a suit. Relegation into the Championship isn’t hampering their fashion spirits.

    Ted Lasso is currently streaming its second season on Apple TV+

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