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The Traitors Reunion: 5 Things We Need Addressed in the Peacock Special

The Peacock show has already been renewed, but the Season 1 cast will first reunite on February 28.
  • Alan Cumming in The Traitors (Photo: Peacock)
    Alan Cumming in The Traitors (Photo: Peacock)

    Grab your mysterious cloaks and put on your best poker face — Peacock’s The Traitors has been renewed for a second season. The reality competition series hosted by Alan Cumming gained traction as a word-of-mouth phenomenon, becoming a surprise hit for the streaming service. And while we’re already dreaming about the perfect cast for Season 2, the show’s popularity has prompted Andy Cohen to step in to address some burning questions. The Traitors Season 1 is getting the Bravo reunion special treatment, out on Peacock on February 28.

    Season 1 ended with a dramatic finale filled with twists, betrayal, and zero closure. This much-needed reunion will hopefully address some of the biggest loose ends, not least of which is every eliminated player’s reaction to who the traitors really were. Beyond that, these are the five moments that need to be dissected in the upcoming reunion.

    Arie Luyendyk Jr. eliminating himself in the finale

    Arie laid pretty low for the first half of the season, endearing himself to just about everyone in the castle as a supportive faithful. But when he decided to accept an invitation to join the traitors, he suddenly became one of the most chaotic forces in the house. Almost instantly he was ready to turn on his fellow traitor, Christian de la Torre, but the biggest surprise came at the eleventh hour of the game when he completely eliminated himself from the competition. Was he feeling too much guilt about continuing to lie to his castmates? Was he worried that Cirie Fields was out to get him and would rather take his fate into his own hands? Did he really not need the money? Arie has some explaining to do.

    Cirie Fields betraying Andie Vanacore

    Cirie played the entire game near perfectly, earning every last penny of the $250,000 she took home. But that required her to put on an award-worthy performance to get others to trust her, and Andie was the person who trusted her the most. There’s no denying the two had a real connection throughout the game, but the look on Andie’s face when they realized Cirie was a traitor made it seem like the damage done in that moment was irreparable. Seeing these two together again to hash out that emotional moment will provide at least some closure.

    Amanda Clark-Stoner’s mid-season departure

    In Episode 5, frontrunner Amanda was “forced to leave the competition.” There was little explanation of it then, but we now know that it was because she tested positive for COVID. Who knows how far she may have gone and how many traitors she might have sniffed out, and it’s worth at least checking in on how she might have gamed the rest of her time on the show. The announcement of the show’s renewal could work out in her favor — maybe she’ll get another shot to go all the way in Season 2.

    Kate Chastain literally throwing money away

    There’s certainly going to be a lot of chatter around Kate’s time on the show, from her quippy asides to her friendship with Brandi Glanville to her feud with Rachel Reilly. But the moment that shocked all the contestants was when, during a money-making challenge, Kate was seen dropping barrels worth thousands of dollars, taking money away from everyone’s prize. Unlike in a series like The Mole, in this game it’s worthwhile for even the traitors to keep the cash rolling in, so this definitely wasn’t a strategic move. It’s just another moment of pure calamity that Kate will have to answer for.

    Alan Cumming’s eye in the sky

    It’s hard to say how involved Alan Cumming truly is with the game, but his regal, fashionable presence loomed large over every episode of Season 1. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not Cumming will join the contestants at the reunion, especially with Cohen stepping in as host, but if he does, it would be valuable to get his perspective on the season as the only person who knew what was happening every step of the way. What was his reaction to the first meeting of the traitors? To the finale reveal? How did those initial three traitors get chosen anyhow? If he’s able to provide some clarity as the mastermind, it may give even more insight into what to expect in Season 2.

    Brianna Wellen is a TV Reporter at Primetimer who became obsessed with television when her parents let her stay up late to watch E.R. 

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