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The Time Punky Brewster Fought to Choose Her Foster Parent in Court

  • With Peacock set to debut their Punky Brewster revival next week, it's worth a look back at the original show's the emotional core, and this sweet clip of the abandoned, unusual child Punky (Soleil Moon-Frye) and the crotchety old widower Henry Warnimont (George Gaynes) fighting to stay together in court gets right to the heart of it. Punky had been squatting in a vacant apartment in the building Henry managed, and eventually the two formed a sweet bond that got under Henry's grouchy exterior, leading Punky to read an emotional letter she wrote to him in front of the court to prove they belong together. 

    Also, in case you are wondering why that judge seems so familiar, he is J.A. Preston, one of the stars of HIll Street Blues, who also played the judge in A Few Good Men.

    Peacock's Punky Brewster revival premieres February 25. 

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