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HBO Unveils Trailer For The Soul of America

  • The social turmoil of today may feel unprecedented, but as historian Jon Meacham points out in the trailer his new HBO docuemntary, we've been here before, and there is a way out.

    Based on Meacham's book of the same name, The Soul of America draws a straight line from current events to some of the watershed events of the 20th Century. In the trailer, Meacham describes the Georgia governor 100 years ago who wanted to build a wall of steel to keep immigrants out, and remarks that the infamous demogogue Joe McCarthy would have loved Twitter. George Takei also speaks to the parallels between the Japanese internment camps he suffered through as a child during World War II and the caging of refugees on the southern border today.

    The Soul of America premieres October 27 on HBO Max.

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