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The Life of Martin Luther King Jr., As Told By Drunk History

  • Derek Waters' Drunk History was surprisingly educational. Even though its storytellers were completely hammered, they were so passionate about the historical tales they were sharing that they still managed tell them while fighting off the urge to vomit.

    As we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let's take a moment to appreciate the Drunk History stories that involved the most prominent leader of the Civil Rights movement of the mid-20th Century. 

    In this compilation, Crissle West tells the tale of the Birmingham Children's March of 1963, featuring Sheaun McKinney as Dr. King. James Atkinson then details the harrassment of Dr. King (Lamorne Harris) by the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover (Rob Riggle), and Ashley Nicole Black relates the story of when Dr. King (Jaleel White) revealed he was a Trekkie and convinced Nichelle Nichols (Raven-Symoné) to remain a role model for black women by continuing to play Lt. Uhura on Star Trek

    Drunk History ran for 6 seasons on Comedy Central, ending in 2019. 

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