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The Daily Show Counts Down Trump's Top 100 Scandals

  • Keeping track of the chaos that is the Trump presidency is a daunting task, but one that The Daily Show is taking on with a new four-part series counting down "Donald Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals."

    Roy Wood Jr. introduced the first part of the series, noting "While most presidents are only known for one big scandal, Donald Trump has truly changed the game." He noted that this will include "the ones you forgot and the ones you wish you could."

    Thursday's episode counted down #100 —  his attempt to buy Greenland — to #77 — Melania Trump's trashing of Christmas decorations. Then it went in-depth on #76, the fact that Trump never divested himself from his business interests and has continued to profit off of the presidency.

    "That's where things get conflict-of-interesty," Wood said of Trump funneling money to his businesses, charging the Secret Service to stay at Mar-A-Lago on his golf trips, being influenced by foreign governments spending money at his hotels, and so on. 

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