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The Daily Show Argues Nothing That Happened in 2020 Should Count

  • At the end of 2020, we are all happy to be done with the year, but it was such a devastatingly awful year that The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is putting forth the proposition that nothing that happened this year should count.

    "Let's all agree, right here and now, as a planet, that 2020 didn't happen," Michael Kosta suggests. "We're taking one big collective Mulligan. Control-alt-delete force quit. Drop 2020 off at the mall, tell it we'll be back in an hour, and move to another state."

    Kosta also thinks that nothing that happened in 2020 should count, including evictions, layoffs, marriages, and divorces. This even goes for school. "You think anyone learned anything from remote learning? The only education children got this year was seeing that a teacher's salary can only afford you a studio apartment. I mean, look at me! I repeated grade after grade and I'm as smart as I ever did!" 

    "We do this all the time," Kosta explained. "Technically, my uncle is an alcoholic, but we as a family have decided together that he's not. So now he's just a carefree guy that likes to vomit on the dog."

    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11:00 PM ET on Comedy Central.

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