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Stephen Colbert and Andy Samberg Speculate on Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series

  • When you have your own network show, one of the perks is getting to nerd out about whatever you want to nerd out about, and for Stephen Colbert, that tends to be The Lord of the Rings. In this clip from Andy Samberg's visit to The Late Show on Monday, Colbert took the opportunity to pick his brain about what he thinks the upcoming Amazon series based on J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary books might entail. In reality, it was kind of just an excuse for Colbert to talk at length about The Silmarillion and how great the series could be, much to Samberg's delight.

    Colbert even told the story of meeting one of the executives in charge of the series, pitching his long-winded speculation, and the response he got back. "He just looked at the guy next to him and walked away from me... I think for fear that I described the entire thing."  

    Colbert has proven himself an expert on all things LOTR, so if the show's producers are in need of ideas or feedback, he's the man to heed. Especially his final warning. "I hope they don't f**k it up, because you know what we won't do? Forgive them." 

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