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Skip Tries to Find Ways to Show Off for SpaceX in Moonbase 8 Clip

  • The highly-financed private enterprise SpaceX team (Thomas Mann, Alia Shawkat, Adam Lambert) are taking a tour of NASA's accomodations, and a somewhat threatened Skip (Fred Armisen) desperately tries to figure out anything they might have that could impress them... like shower curtains and carpet. 

    Moonbase 8 airs Sunday nights at 11:00 PM ET on Showtime.

    Andy Hunsaker has a head full of sitcom gags and nerd-genre lore, and can be followed @AndyHunsaker if you're into that sort of thing.

    TOPICS: Moonbase 8, Showtime, Adam Lambert, Alia Shawkat, Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly, Thomas Mann, Tim Heidecker