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Showtime's The Comedy Store Recalls Joe Rogan's Beef With Joke-Stealer Carlos Mencia

  • Carlos Mencia was a notorious joke thief, and Joe Rogan publicly called him out on it on stage back in 2007. But Rogan was the one who got banned from The Comedy Store.

    "He's stealing comedians' material and doing their closing bits right before he brings them up on stage," Rogan explains in this clip from this Sunday's episode of the Showtime documentary series about the famous Los Angeles comedy club. "When he's there, we flash the light so that people know he's in the audience and so you don't do your best sh*t." 

    Rogan and Mencia also shared the same agent, which led to trouble when Mencia's career was taking off. 

    "Even me, a guy who was on Fear Factor, a guy who was relatively successful, still lost my agent, still got banned from The Comedy Store," he explains. "That's why people don't call people out." 

    Comedians Whitney Cummings and Bert Kreischer also comment on the controversy in this clip.

    "The banning of Joe in this club was a genuine f**k-up, because he stood for what was good. " Kreischer said.

    The Comedy Store airs Sunday nights at 10:00 PM ET on Showtime.

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