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Seth Meyers Investigates Whether Rudy Giuliani Was 'Drunk' During Rambling 9/11 Speech

  • Rudy Giuliani claims he was "definitely not drunk" when he gave a rambling speech at a 9/11 event this weekend, but Seth Meyers isn't buying it. Last night, the Late Night host took "A Closer Look" at the bizarre speech, during which Giuliani imitated Queen Elizabeth and denied that he spent time with her disgraced son, Prince Andrew. If the former NYC mayor really was sober, said Meyers, "He let everyone know in a way that's very uncharacteristic for drunk guys: giving a series of long, rambling answers in which he repeated himself and made no sense."

    After taking his usual shots at the GOP, Meyers turned his attention to Giuliani. "The party's latest transformation into whatever it is now is perhaps best embodied by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who the media once hailed as America's Mayor," he said, "But who is now, essentially, a New York City bigfoot who hangs out with Eastern European mobsters and trims his toenails at Panera bathrooms."

    The Late Night host then played clips of Giuliani's "incoherent rant" and riffed on his decision to insert himself into the Prince Andrew controversy. "Look, I'm not saying Rudy was drunk, but that's usually when guys from Brooklyn start trying to imitate the Queen of England," he said. "But I guess now that we've heard his British accent, we know why Rudy lost out on the part of Mrs. Doubtfire."

    After the event, Giuliani told The Daily Mail that he "had a Scotch at the beginning of dinner," but "it was watered down." He then went on yet another rant about his Scotch-drinking habits, his preference for drinking with a cigar, and whether he had one the night of the 9/11 banquet.

    "It's probably better if you were drunk. At least your behavior would make sense," said Meyers. "This is the modern GOP: rambling, incoherent, and far more outraged about attempts to stop a deadly virus from spreading than the toll the deadly virus has taken."

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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