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Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera Get Heated on Fox News: 'Shame on You!'

  • Fox News colleagues Geraldo and Hannity went at it last night. (Photos: Twitter)
    Fox News colleagues Geraldo and Hannity went at it last night. (Photos: Twitter)

    Geraldo Rivera renewed his feud with Sean Hannity last night during a heated argument about the trucker protests in Canada, dubbed the "Freedom Convoy" by those on the right. After Rivera diverged from his Fox News colleagues when he criticized the "selfish" truckers, Hannity raised the issue on-air Tuesday night, and things quickly got out of hand.

    "Geraldo, you're a friend. I hate to say it, shame on you," said Hannity. "You're calling these guys who don't agree with you, that are protesting peacefully, thugs. You're calling them selfish, you're calling them self-absorbed. And with all due respect to our friendship, you owe these guys an apology because they frankly deserve our praise for all that they did for not only their country, but they showed bravery in the toughest moment the country was facing."

    "I love you. You're my friend and my brother, and I stand by every word I said," replied Rivera, adding that the Teamsters and the American Trucking Association have expressed their opposition to the blockade.

    When Hannity said that "they opened up the bridge peacefully," they began yelling over each other. "What do you want, Geraldo?" said the Fox News host, before once again repeating that the protest has been "peaceful" and calm.

    "What about the group in western Canada with the heavy weapons and the extended magazines and the body armor?" said Rivera. "Oh my God, Geraldo, this has been like a block party," replied Hannity.

    Rivera concluded with a specific criticism of Hannity. "What's the impact of the allies in the media of prolonging this agony?" he said. "What is the impact of all your friendly, loving comments to these groups? How much longer are they gonna stay there? How much longer will they cripple the capital city of Canada?"

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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