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Roy Wood Jr. Tells Us Who to Thank for Our Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese

  • If you love macaroni and cheese at your Thanksgiving dinner, you need to thank James Hemings, a French-trained chef who nonetheless was a slave of Thomas Jefferson in America.

    On his recurring Daily Show segment "CP Time," Roy Wood Jr. detailed the contributions black people have made to the Thanksgiving holiday, including their presence on one of the earliest pilgrim ships and the earliest football games, as well as Hemings' introduction of our beloved mac & cheese.

    "Everyone knew about macaroni, but no one ever thought to throw cheese on top of it. Thanks to James Hemings, we now know that anything tastes better if you just add cheese. Macaroni, potatoes, french fries, hamburgers — I add cheese to everything. My doctor says I've got five years to live, but it's gonna be a delicious five years."

    Wood brings it home at the end of the segment by putting squeeze cheese on pumpkin pie.

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