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Ronald Reagan Militarizes the Moon in For All Mankind Season 2 First Look

  • The Apple TV+ sci-fi series , we learn that its 

    Apple TV+'s alternate history of the space race For All Mankind is set to pick up almost 10 years after the events of Season 1 when the series returns next week.  In this first look at the show's second season, we learn that this version of the '80s has better technology, including electric cars and cell phones, because after the Russians beat America to the moon, NASA was never defunded. Still, the Cold War rages on, and the American moon colony is about to be militarized by President Ronald Reagan in anticipation of a confrontation between the superpowers.

    "It's just an exquisitely executed show about human beings in extreme situations," says series star Sonya Walger.

    For All Mankind returns Friday, February 19 on Apple TV+. 

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