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Paul Bettany Used Dick Van Dyke and Bryan Cranston as Sitcom Dad Inspiration for WandaVision

  • Paul Bettany recently sat down for an Ask Marvel Q&A, where he discussed working on WandaVision and how he prepared to bring the Vision to the show's sitcom world.

    "I watched, I think, every Dick Van Dyke Show that he ever put out, but also I did a lot of watching of Bryan Cranston, because I didn't know Malcolm in the Middle," Bettany says in the above clip. "He was just superlative."

    Of all the Vision's looks throughout the TV eras to which the show pays homage, he has a surprising favorite "I loved so many things from each of the decades, but if I"m honest, I really loved wearing the wig in the '70s, which made it look like I had found Robert Redford, wrestled him to the ground, shaved his head, and stuck all of his hair on top of my head, and I just thought that look was great."

    New episodes of WandaVision drop Fridays on Disney+. 

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