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Paris Finally Stands Up to Zoe on The Bold and the Beautiful

  • In this clip from Friday's The Bold and the Beautiful, we see some very un-sisterly behavior out of Zoe (Kiara Barnes). She recently blew up her life. She got engaged to Carter, then made a move on Zende and got shot down, got ratted out to Carter by her boss Ridge Forrester, and now she's lost her fiancé, who called her out for using him to up her social status.

    So now she's taking it all out on her sister Paris (Diamond White), who Zende is genuinely interested in and who's now in much better standing with Ridge Forrester at Forrester Creations. But when Zoe tries to force her sister to resign from the company, Paris finally stands up to her, tearing up her pre-written resignation letter..

    The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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