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One Tree Hill Stars Are Young Hollywood Has-Beens in Everyone Is Doing Great Trailer

  • We've seen the teaser for Everyone Is Doing Great, the crowd-funded Hulu project from One Tree Hill veterans James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti, and now we've got a full trailer diving deeper into their show about a pair of actors hitting their 30s who have a hit show under their belt and nothing much more to show for it. 

    They seem to be stuck in the young Hollywood rut of drugs, booze, and rudderlessness, and it's putting a strain on their relationships. "I can't carry him anymore when I'm getting nothing back."

    Everyone Is Doing Great premieres Wednesday January 13 on Hulu.

    Andy Hunsaker has a head full of sitcom gags and nerd-genre lore, and can be followed @AndyHunsaker if you're into that sort of thing.

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