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How MSNBC's Steve Kornacki Became a "Chart-Throb" Social Media Star

  • MSNBC's Steve Kornacki came out of this week's election almost as big a winner as Joe Biden.

    Over four days of wall-to-wall vote counting, Kornacki's earnest, dedicated, tireless work manning the electoral maps earned him a social media following dubbing him a "chart-throb." That phenomenon was profiled on Sunday Today, featuring comments from Chrissy Tiegen and Leslie Jones.

    "I like this guy," Jones said. "This is how I like my reporters to look — disheveled and concerned. I love this dude."

    Kelly Ripa was similarly drawn to Kornacki, describing her experience watching him edge closer to the camera as he broke down the numbers on Election night. "It was like watching myself take a shower," exclaimed Ripa Wednesday morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

    Ripa may have also contributed to the "thirst trap" reputation Kornacki earned over the course of the week, pointing out "by the way, he's a beautiful man, and not a line on his face."

    Twitter was all over him, too, with the #TrackingKornacki keeping tabs on his health and well-being while being on virtually no sleep for four days, churning out Kornacki-appreciation GIFs.

    As for Kornacki himself? Well, he offered a humble thank you on MSNBC's Twitter on Wednesday, which seems just like him, doesn't it? What a neat guy!

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