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Michelle Reunites with Matt on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose

  • In the much-anticipated cringe-fest that was Monday night's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, hosted by Emmanuel Acho, a massively-bearded Matt James reunited with Michelle Young, the runner up to his disastrous choice of Rachael Kirkconnell. 

    "The moment you left, I completely crumbled," Michelle says in this clip, insisting she was not okay at all and she was upset that Matt refused to have a closure conversation with her, for which he apologized.

    Acho then asks the all-important question of whether or not she still loves him. 

    "I care about you," Michelle responds. "I'm not in love, like I was leaving the show." 

    She left him with a suggestion to come up with more phrases besides "thanks for sharing." 

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