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Laura Benanti Bids Farewell to Melania Trump with a Full-On Late Show Broadway-Style Song

  • For the past four interminable years, Broadway star Laura Benanti has been providing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the important service of being their go-to Melania Trump impersonator. 

    Now as the Trump presidency reaches its waning hours, Benanti sent her Melania impression off into the sunset in her own musical theater style. It's a surprisingly involved Broadway-style song and dance number — or as close as one can get to that in the midst of the pandemic.

    Melania sings about wanting to leave her husband and move back to New York City,before slowly coming to the realization that the Big Apple might hate her as much as they hate the president.

    It's a hell of a send-off for Benanti, and Colbert makes sure to thank her for her service to a grateful nation.

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    Aaron Barnhart has written about television since 1994, including 15 years as TV critic for the Kansas City Star.

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